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    Daniel Reeves started his business in 2008, establishing The Computer Clinic Bicester (TCCB) shortly thereafter operating from an office at the town centre of Bicester. Initially, TCCB carried out repairs and support of home computers, but very quickly grew into a national business computer and software supply and support operation.

    The rapid rise of TCCB Daniel says it is down to a very simple philosophy; unlike other similar IT support businesses, he insisted that one speaks directly to an engineer that knows what they are talking about, rather than being passed around an organisation to find the right person, often waiting hours to get help. Engineers are at the centre of the business. All decisions about the growth and development of TCCB are based upon the customer experience, in coming queries reaching a friendly engineer first.

    Not only did Daniel insist upon high quality and qualified engineers, he ensured that the business could nurture apprentices and young people looking for a career in the IT industry. Personal and professional development are key elements of all team members at TCCB which ensure everyone keeps up with the ever changing world of computing technology.

    He quickly recognised how businesses and his clients become heavily reliant upon their computer systems and that any form of interruption could spell disaster for them. Support, recovery and fast response are the guiding principles he bases TCCB on. In addition, recognising the absolute need for a safe operating environment, Daniel is fastidious about cyber security and protection of information and systems. To think otherwise “will be at your peril” he says

    Firmly established and a very strong reputation for speed of response, today The Computer Clinic Bicester are specialists in a variety of business support services; hard and software support, Network systems design, Cloud services, Data backup and recovery, Cyber security, GDPR, Equipment and software supply and Virus/spyware and malware identification and removal.

    The Computer Clinic Bicester has earned an enviable reputation for delivering the highest quality IT Support services. They constantly measure their results and look for areas of improvement. Least of all, you will find a friendly voice at the end of the line that will guide you through your problems with peace of mind you are talking to the experts and you are in safe hands.

"Our core values are reliability, dedication and trust - the primary elements of any relationship."