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If you have purchased a new device from TCCB or have a service contract in place, we will recycle it for you, free of charge. You can be assured that we will wipe and destroy data help on drives, even that hard to find hidden data. So, if you have old or out of date IT equipment and hardware such as; desktop computers, servers, data cabinets, keyboards, monitors, printers, laptops and mobile devices etc., give us a call on and we’ll organise that for you.

TCCB want to play our part in the reduction of landfill and waste recycling. Where we can, we will re-use certain mechanical components.

Free secure data destruction on recycled items.

The Computer Clinic Bicester understands your needs for complete data protection and place great importance on data destruction. We offer a free, certified data destruction service prior to recycling. All data storage devices are wiped clean and any devices that can't be wiped due to damage are physically destroyed. Our secure data destruction service is carried out to the highest standards in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act so you can be assured that all client identification and all data are irrecoverably destroyed.