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    For most of us, the use of IT systems is becoming more and more common place and saving business data on a PC or server is a daily occurrence. Having just one copy of business critical information such as accounts, contacts, invoices and important documents poses a serious risk.

  • Data backup is not optional; it is essential and is key to any business continuity plan. We appreciate just how important your company information and records are to your business and can help you ensure the safety of your data from fire, flood, corruption or plain human error.

  • The Computer Clinic Bicester’s online data backup system alleviates the time and maintenance costs associated with older solutions such as tape backup. Encryption and password protection are applied to all accounts as standard, using the highest levels of data protection. TCCB systems will automatically upload your files to our secure UK data centres. If you lose or break a computer, tablet, or phone you can easily restore the files to a new device

  • Our Cloud based backup and storage solutions ensure flexible, powerful and total protection against data loss. We can advise and install a range of backup solutions; from an external hard drive to make a copy separate to your main machine, or our favourite online backup to give you complete security from fire, flood, theft or accidental damage. When disaster strikes, TCCB will get you up and running again, quickly and simply.

    Data backup at a small monthly charge, will provide you with piece of mind that no matter what happens you can recover that information anytime. Because that backed-up information is held outside your computer, it means no matter happens to your computer you have a safe and secure copy.

Key Benefits of our services:

  • Automated daily backups

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year data availability

  • Fast, reliable data restores

  • Eliminates expensive set up and backup hardware

  • Monthly plans to suit your specific requirements are available

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