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  • Ever wished you had a computer expert friend to phone when things go wrong?

  • The challenge of home and personal based computer systems that being, desktop, laptop or other is having a costs effective solution keeping your system; safe, backed-up, virus free and 100% operational. We rarely consider what might happen until it actually happens, be it a flat battery, system crash, virus or malware infection, loss of data or upgrade and software system messages.

    We have two types of service and support available to home users:

    • A regular monthly subscription based service which provides you with both priority and knowledge that you can access the help when you need it. Please contact below to talk to us about how we can tailor a support package for you.
    • Pay as you go service which means we will help you but our hourly rates apply to your support calls. We do have a section in our Resources page that provides useful tips and fault tracing actions that could save you unnecessary charges. We encourage everyone to check this before calling us. You can also log a fault with us which places your query in a cue. In order to receive this service your first need to complete a customer registration form.

    A typical home support package might consist of:

    • Email 365 with One Drive and Microsoft Office
    • Remote back-up to cloud
    • Our Anti-virus and malware protection software.

To learn more about this service, call us on 01869 320646 or Contact Us