Occupational health Mentoring

We are a mentoring service commited to fostering growth, instilling confidence, and nurturing success for those considering a move into a career within Occupational Health.

Investing in the use of the mentor service will enable you to explore and understand a career in Occupational Health, no matter which clinical background you come from. We help you to decide if this is the career for you and if so, support your transition with all the tools you need. From background reading to CV and interview skills, our mentors provide guidance individually, in group sessions or both.

This Occupational Health Mentoring platform was facilitated by the National School of Occupational Health with SOM, supported by other Occupational Health organisations.

It aims to:
* Offer resources and mentoring for those looking to enter Occupational Health
* Attract mentees and match mentors to mentees.

If you would like more information on being a Mentor, do contact janet.oneill6@nhs.net. If you have any queries about the website, please contact Nick Llewellin at nick.llewellin@som.org.uk

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Why Mentorship?

Mentoring is a form of development which concentrates on building capability and is particularly powerful at times of career change. Our mentors are seasoned professionals, experts in their field within OH., They are passionate about sharing their knowledge so as to be able to give back to the career they love,delivering a combination of mentoring and coaching, with personalised guidance. They can help you to take charge of your direction and potential so as to make informed decisions.
The Power of Connection

We understand that mentorship is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour. That's why we have a diverse community of mentors.. You have the freedom to choose a mentor that you feel fits your needs and engage with group mentorship sessions so as to benefit from a network of like-minded people.

Empower Others, Become a Mentor Today!

We believe in the profound impact of mentorship. By sharing your expertise, wisdom, and experiences, you have the power to guide someone on their journey into OH, giving back.. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an industry trailblazer, or a passionate expert, your knowledge is invaluable. The experience will help you grow and develop, part of your experience

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How it works

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Choose your mentor and begin your journey toward a greater understanding of Occupational Health and into the specialism if right for you.

The Essence of Mentorship

Mentorship matters because it supports growth. It can be difficult to consider moving away from traditional roles and into a speciality which is not well known. A mentor providesdirection and support, enabling a direction and informed decisions. . It's a dynamic exchange whereby knowledge and experience can provide direction, overcoming challenges and building confidence. Mentorship matters because it's not just about reaching goals; it's about surpassing them with the right guidance. Embrace mentorship, where potential meets possibility.

Mentorship Resources

Our comprehensive suite of mentoring resources provides you with the right resources to inform your journey. We understand that mentorship extends beyond one-on-one interactions, which is why we've curated a carefully selected and collection of videos, documents, and a link library to empower and inform. Your mentor will help identify those that will be of particular use to you, for your circumstances.

Video Library:

Our curated video library provides you with insight into Occupational Health as a career for the multidisciplinary team. All backgrounds are catered for and you will gain a better understanding of the variety and richness of this career path. Expert interviews, general discussion and mentorship success stories will provide you with a deeper insight into the industry. Our video resources are designed to inspire and inform.

Document Repository:

Knowledge is power, and our document repository, crafted by seasoned mentors, is your gateway to a treasure trove of expertise. Access downloadable guides, articles, information and research on Occupational Health . From goal-setting frameworks toCV writing and interview skills, these documents serve as practical tools to enhance your mentorship experience.

Link Library:

Navigate with ease through our meticulously curated link library. Discover external resources, articles, and research papers that complement your mentorship journey. We've gathered the most relevant and valuable links to save you time and provide a well-rounded understanding of Occupational Health.

Empower yourself with the right knowledge at your fingertips. Whether you're a mentor looking to refine your guidance or a mentee seeking to deepen your understanding, our mentoring resources are designed to elevate your experience and amplify your success. Start exploring the wealth of knowledge today, your journey begins with the right resources.